19 March 2013


"Love Never Dies, love will continue..." That was the beginning of one of our last posts,
where we wrote that loved never dies and it should continue. Well... now we can announce that it will! Yesterday came out a post about the possibility of Love Never Dies returning to a London theatre at late 2013 or 2014 and today just came out news about a possible Love Never Dies Tour on UNITED KINGDOM, on earlier 2014. After this tour, if it goes well, the musical will be premiered again in the West End! You can read the whole post here.
"David Ian y Michael Harrison, productores de la producción de El Guardaespaldas en el West End (actualmente en Adelphi Theatre), planean la puesta en escena de una nueva producción de Love Never Dies de Andrew Lloyd Webber a principios de 2014. Ian reveló a Playbill.com que un TOUR extenso empezará a finales de Febrero de 2014, habiendo reservado de 75 a 80 semanas con el propósito del retorno del musical al West End si todo sucede positivamente. Ian también habló esperanzado de llevar el musical a otros países como Norte América y a los territorios del Este. El Tour se basará en la producción australiana que se estrenó en 2011 en Melbourne. Aún no estan disponibles las fechas o el elenco." 

18 March 2013


¡That's right! We just saw this report on Broadway World about Love Never Dies being brought again to London, according to Andrew Lloyd Webber, this rerun is being planned for late 2013 or earlier 2014. At last in London again!

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose many musicals include the long-running THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, has announced further plans for its sequel LOVE NEVER DIES. Lloyd Webber tells What's On Stage that he plans to bring the Australian version of LOVE NEVER DIES back to London "later this year or early next".

During the recording of an ITV special celebrating his 40-year career last night (17 March 2013), the composer revealed he is hoping to bring the show back either "later this year or early next".

17 March 2013


Love Never Dies,
love will continue...

And in fact, it will. But the question is when? The Danish production of Love Never Dies has received all in all good reviews, the audience is astounded and dazzled by the rework and many of them affirm that it surpasses in different aspects the previous West End and Australian productions. Even some interviews with the crew and other country's sources announced that tourism in Denmark had increased since the opening of the musical last October.

This season ends soon and the theatre where it has been representing so far the musical in Copenhagen, the Det Ny Teatre, has decided to open the production of another work for the new season that begins next September and therefore, will not renew Love Never Dies.

If you have the opportunity to watch the musical in Denmark but haven't yet, don't wait any longer! This is the moment to watch it and to enjoy this magnificent event since April will be the last month the musical will be performed. Det Ny Teatre began to perform Love Never Dies on October 24th, (2012) and will make his last performance on April 21st (2013), having spent a total of six months filling seats in the theatre. Now we have to wait for a new country that sees the potential of the musical, to hold it once again.

So, if we learnt anything thanks to this musical, it is that love, in fact, never dies.